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We are setting new standards in responsible critical minerals exploration. With a commitment to technical excellence, exemplary environmental stewardship, and respectful community engagement, we seek out the critical minerals that will help the world achieve a clean energy future.

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What are critical minerals?

Critical minerals are integral to the world’s economy, and the transition to a clean energy future. They’re used in lots of different ways in our everyday lives. 

These minerals include a range of elements such as copper, nickel, and platinum group metals, each serving critical functions in modern technologies. For instance, copper is integral to the production of electronics and renewable energy systems, while nickel is indispensable for rechargeable batteries powering electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. 

Despite their importance, the availability of these minerals is very limited. Ensuring a reliable supply is vital for powering the innovations and advancements that shape our present and future.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. By respecting our planet, our neighbours, flora and fauna, cultures and traditions, we are setting new standards in mineral exploration and raising the bar for environmental and social responsibility in our industry. 

Through open communication with local people and careful planning, we work tirelessly to minimise any impacts on the environment. Before we start exploring, we talk with the people who live nearby to make sure our plans respect their needs and values. If issues do arise, we're committed to listening, fixing them and learning. 

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Kingsrose Mining Limited is an ASX Listed (ASX : KRM) company focused on responsible mineral exploration & discovery

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